Are Dietary Supplements Worth It?

supplement bottles lined up

Dietary supplements have become more common these days, amongst both casual gym members and fitness enthusiasts. Mainstream supplements like fish oil, multivites, protein, and turmeric are totally safe, but you may be wondering if they are worth the extra cost. Isn’t eating healthy and working out enough? Why bother going the extra mile by taking supplements?

Benefits of Supplements

Yes, it’s true that you will probably be able to achieve your fitness goals without added supplements. However, a daily multivitamin will help you go above and beyond by providing you with essential nutrients you need. And if you go through a bit of a slump in your diet, a daily vitamin can help make up for that!

Chances are you’ve heard of protein powder. While this isn’t giving you as many nutrients are a vitamin would, protein powder is great for helping your muscles recover and for maximizing your workout. It repairs tissue, tones muscle, aids in weight loss, and can build overall greater strength.

Additionally, daily supplements help to maintain a strong immune system. You are less likely to get sick when your vitamin and nutrient levels are being kept up. They also help to combat fatigue and lead to you feeling better physically which in turn can case a improvements in mental health as well.

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