What is NRG Active?

NRG Active is a brand of supplement products, but we are much more than just that. Who are we and how do we make a difference? What makes us special? Our products are developed by professional trainers and are designed for the most active of bodies. We use top-quality ingredients and utilize the best manufacturers around. Learn more below.

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How is NRG Active Different?

Developed by professionals

The personal trainers at Xperience Fitness and a supplement industry veteran teamed up to create NRG products. A careful review of the type of products & ingredients desired was step one. This led to the creation of the first NRG Products needed most by clients & members.

For the active body

NRG products are formulated for active bodies and provides the nutrients needed most. Our products contain dosages that will help get better results. We select the key ingredients of each product and ensure it is in the amounts needed to deliver benefits to those most committed to their fitness success.

Top quality

We are the gold standard for quality. NRG products are made with the highest standards and protocols. Being made by an FDA-registered lab, National Science Foundation & cGMP Certified, and being made in the USA are a few key reasons to choose NRG. Additionally, ingredients used in our products are sourced for the best. Selecting only the best in quality and purity, with no fillers, synthetic vitamins, or inferior raw ingredients.

Made by the best

Makers Nutrition is the manufacturer of NRG Products. They received 92 awards in 2020 which range from things like manufacturing, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Makers Nutrition is a fantastic partner of ours and they help us deliver on our promises of providing top-notch products.

Get NRG Supplements Delivered To Your Door